Ek Onkar Satguru Parshad
Dhan Dhan Baba Sri Chand Ji

Gurdwara Tahli Sahib
Majitha Verka Bye Pass Road, Amritsar, Punjab

Mouth of Poor, Guru Ki Golak

Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji taken Birth to remove the little knowledge and whole life passed for the service of mans and for doing the name of God. After giving the meals to Sadhu Sants for Rs. Twenty started tradition of langer and this tradition will continue till the peoples remains. With the grace of Guru Sahib Chief Sewadar of Gurdwara Sahib Ji Bhai Amarbir Singh Sandhu from him in January 2008 on every Sangrad one Anand Karaj was got done. This tradition came forward and Chief Sewadar Bhai Amarbir Singh Sandhu, on the birth of Shri Chand Ji arranged marriage of 125 girls and also paid Rs. 15-15 thousand form creating job. With the grace of Guru Sahib this tradition make compulsory and continue Bhai Amarbir Singh Sandhu on every month on the day of Sangarad arranged marriage of needy girls and newly wedded couple from Guru Di Golak blessing as token of Shagan and at the time of marriage there are so many programmes and there is wastage of money at the large scale. Due to this reason general public see it burden. All the families should thing about unnecessary wastage of expenditure. This expenditure should be spent on the education of daughter and the education is their eye of the person. The daughter taking education will adjust in the Samaj and they will be helpful for the country and will also be known as famous in their caste. There is great donation to give education to the daughters. From the Golak of Guru the needy daughter was opened training centre at Gurdwara Sahib or stitching and knotting from this centre the daughter after obtaining education may stand on their feet and the showing passage of Guru Sahiban after doing labour may make their life successful.

From the Golak of Gurus for the education to children gave books, copies, uniforms. From the Golak of Guru help to need person, medicines to the needy persons is also being provided. On the earth of five rivers one new Nasha Rupi Daint, river is going on and It on his water had taken young persons and their lives have been ruined. To protect from the intoxicants there is doing some work from the side of Guru Ghar and the youngest to leave the intoxicants should maintain their mental position and physical position and after making successful of their lives may obtain happiness of Guru Ghar. All the persons with attaching and believing and Guruís principle and should serve to the human. By following the teaching of Shri Guru Granth Sahib do Lok and Parlok Suhela.

  • Do work, take name eat with each other.
  • Give love and affection to the female daughter and give respect.
  • Give education to the daughter as education is third eye of the of the person.
  • Arrange marriage in the simple manner and avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Youngest should avoid intoxicants. Give respect to mother and father. Also serve religion and country.
  • There is name of god to serve the humans.

To see the humanity Chief Sewadar Bhai Amarbir Singh Sandhu and Granthi of Guru Ghar in the 12635 Villages and cities, teaching of Guru Sahib and work of Guru Ghar are being shown. To meet all kind of person excitement is being given to do the service of humans and also directed to attach with Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. No donation is being taken for these works. Satguru are completing the works of their Sangat.